Huscof initiated sales activity in roasting industry mainly for shop roast.

Later Huscof started to manufacture wide range roasters from shop to industrial types.

Today after decades of experience, Huscof builts top quality roasters and proivdes the complete roasting solutions for food processors.

Huscof today, not only makes roasters but also provide complete roasting solution for roasting companies. Alongside with roasters, we also provide grinders, afterburners, de-stoners , shop silos and also industrial silos to store coffee beans, nuts beans and various other seeds.

Huscof with the strong RD department, develops and uses new technique and skills to feed the modern world. The constant innovation brings the huscof brand name in front and continues to satisfy the customers need.

Huscof today, is a world brand and runs its function almost all parts of the world. Quality is main objective to huscof then price.

Yet, Huscof with its very reasonable prices, had succeded to achieve the appreciation by the customers around the globe.

Huscof has strong menpower capability and most modern infrastructure to satisfy its customers. Yet, huscof continues to expand in terms of technology each day for to stay one step ahead in the world competition.

Huscof produces all of its products with utmost care and passion.

All the equipments are built as per International Food Norms.

We welcome new buyers to adjoin us and enjoy our products.

We promise to make even the amateurs feel the taste of professionalism.